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Review: Solefald – Norrønasongen – Kosmopolis Nord

Design by Trine og Kim

Solefald – Norrønasongen – Kosmopolis Nord
Design by Trine og Kim

Norrønasongen – Kosmopolis Nord

Side A
1. Norrønaprogen
2. Det Siste Landskap (An Icelandic Odyssey Part IV)
3. Norskdom

Side B
4. Norrøna: Ljodet Som Ljoma
5. Songen: Vargen

Released: October 27th, 2014
Indie Recordings



I’m ashamed to say I’ve only just listened to the new Solefald EP. I suppose my love and adoration of them is slowly but surely dwindling away and this album seems to be the perfect piece for mourning what passion I once had. I feel lost and broken without the Solefald I knew, but I suppose it was inevitable to one day experience this. Everything must grow and change.

It’s wonderful to see how much the music has matured over the years but the lack of raw chaos just reminds me of the bitterness of growing up. Everything is too serious, too clean, too dull. That childish artistic wonder has gone and instead replaced by that feeling of crushing melancholy you only truly experience as an “adult”.

Norrønasongen: Kosmopolis Nord has left me feeling empty and I’m not sure what to do.

The EP is by no means bad, in fact it is a beautiful piece of work – it’s just that on a personal level I don’t find myself particularly gripped by it. If you enjoy some slow paced and easy to listen to folk then this is ideal for you, at times it reminds me a lot of Hardingrock’s Grimen but with a noisy Germanic twist with Mari Skeie Ljones’ harding fiddle playing almost as perfect as Knut Buen’s. I’m sure this EP will find a place in my heart over time, but for now I can’t lie that I am a little bit disenchanted by it. It breaks my heart to feel this way, I’m Sorry.


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Listen to: 11PARANOIAS

 399176_413544438661764_498915072_nI miss Ramesses, I really really fucking miss Ramesses. Oh, what’s this? A band with members from Ramesses are playing at Desertfest, might as well check them out.



This is exactly what I wanted to hear – soul crushing Doom Metal that paralysed my entire body from the second they started to play. The vibrations strangled me, I was struggling to breath and as a result I had to fuck off towards the end of the set because it was sending me and a few friends white.

We sat down on the couch uttering nothing but “fuccckkkk” over and over again. That’s 11PARANOIAS in a nutshell.

Look, I’m shit at reviews, I’m also really shit at describing music but I just wanted to ramble on about these guys because they are fucking perfection and deserve a lot more attention. Now stop reading this nonsense and follow these links.


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Welcome to the new real

So it’s 2014, no better time to actually kick off this blog, eh?

I don’t really have anything significant to write, but I might as well ramble on with an introduction for this place. My name is CT and I just wanted a space to publish my thoughts on things I am passionate for, silly little things like Metal, Video Games and *gasp* Anime. Kvte was never originally intended as a personal blog, but I suppose it would make more sense since I have too many interests and I didn’t want to just limit this blog to just one thing I love.


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