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my hellish version


my hellish version by CT

14th January 2017

Media: Mixed

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bombed out

bombed out.jpg


bombed out


5th October 2016

Media: Mixed

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Art: the echoes of cosmic strife

the echoes of cosmic strife

the echoes of cosmic strife
by CT
3rd May 2015
Media: Oil, Acrylic, Ink on canvas
I only finished this because he liked it. I wanted to give it to him for his new home but he drifted away. Oh well.

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Art: a hooded menace


a hooded menace by CT

March 1st 2015

Media: Black ink, white paper

~I started doodling this while I was on the train to London to see Hooded Menace back in November, hence the title.

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Art: Gegnum skóginn þar sem spegill lá

Gegnum skóginn þar sem spegill lá

Gegnum skóginn þar sem spegill lá by CT

March 1st 2015

Media: Black Ink, Digital

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Art: ラットの年


ラットの年 by CT

January 3rd 2015

Media: Black Ink, Moleskine paper

I promised my good friend Hinksman that I’d draw him something rad as fuck with rats in it, but I realised that I have never drawn a rat in my entire life and as a result I began practising. Sketchy rat riding a skullman. It’s what I imagine the film Ratatouille would have been like if Dragged Into Sunlight directed it. The title is in Japanese because I’m a shitlord weeaboo.

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Art: Yet another self portrait


~Yet another self portrait~ by CT

December 2014

Media: Digital

I haven’t done any digital work in a very very long time so it was kind of nice getting the chance to play around with a tablet and photoshop. It’s not particularly interesting but I like it anyway. Just another self portrait, I made myself look too attractive though, whoops.

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Art: gig doodles


November 2014
Media: black ball pen


Watching. Waiting. Visible. by CT
November 2014
Media: black ball pen

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Art: Dragged Into Sunlight fan art


Dragged Into Sunlight fan art by CT. August 2014

Traditional: Moleskine Paper, Black Gel Pen, 0.3 Black Fine Line

“I was learning how to draw skulls and it turned into this shit. Listening to Dragged Into Sunlight does that to you I guess.”

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Art: Cvntlord Fvcker


“Cvntlord Fvcker”
A self portrait by CT. June 2014.
Mixed Media: Moleskine Paper, Watercolours, Acrylics, Black Gel Pen.

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