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LISTEN TO: Lion Babe


Name: Lion Babe

Genre: RnB, Contemporary RnB, Neo Soul

Origin: NYC, USA


Treat Me Like Fire (Single) – 2012
Jump Hi (Single) – 2013
Lion Babe (EP) – 2014
Wonder Woman (Single) – 2015
Impossible (Single) – 2015
Where Do We Go (Single) – 2015
Begin (Full-Length) – 2016


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LISTEN TO: Blaakyum


Teutonic style Thrash metal with Middle Eastern folk elements. If you’re a fan of Destruction, Kreator and Onslaught then Blaakyum is exactly what you need to be listening to.


Name: Blaakyum

Genre: Thrash/Heavy Metal

Origin: Beirut, Lebanon

Am I Black (Single) 1998
Lord of the Night (Full-length) 2012
Riot Against Riot (Single) 2016
Line of Fear (Full-length) 2016




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Listen to: Zothique

I can’t even be arsed writing any sort of review of their music because WHY ARE YOU READING THIS AND NOT LISTENING??

By the way, they are supporting Dragged Into Sunlight in Japan so make sure you catch them otherwise you’re a shit.

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Listen to: 11PARANOIAS

 399176_413544438661764_498915072_nI miss Ramesses, I really really fucking miss Ramesses. Oh, what’s this? A band with members from Ramesses are playing at Desertfest, might as well check them out.



This is exactly what I wanted to hear – soul crushing Doom Metal that paralysed my entire body from the second they started to play. The vibrations strangled me, I was struggling to breath and as a result I had to fuck off towards the end of the set because it was sending me and a few friends white.

We sat down on the couch uttering nothing but “fuccckkkk” over and over again. That’s 11PARANOIAS in a nutshell.

Look, I’m shit at reviews, I’m also really shit at describing music but I just wanted to ramble on about these guys because they are fucking perfection and deserve a lot more attention. Now stop reading this nonsense and follow these links.


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