Anime: Autumn Season 2014

I would usually write up at the beginning of the season after seeing 3-5 episodes of each show, but I found myself way too busy to even watch most shows as they aired; nevermind writing about them. Soooo here’s an end of season “review” I suppose.  I’m shit at this whole writing malarkey.

If you haven’t been watching anything as it airs then be warned that there may be some spoilers in this, I’ve tried my best to just summarise up the plot without revealing too much, sorry!

Akame ga Kill (cont)
I still maintain that this show is generic as fuck but I’ve continued to watch it as I became very attached to the protagonists and villains. It’s just a shame that they all kept dying and new characters appeared and then they fucking died too. I suppose the constant death is supposed to make me feel sad, but with characters like Chelsea who appeared and died without any real development – it just felt like a massive waste of a few episodes. Hell, I’m only really upset about Tatsumi dying because of poor Esdeath.

Like most of the characters – I won’t be missing this show once it has finished airing.

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Bonjour♪ Koiaji Pâtisserie
Some cute girl called Sayuri goes to a cooking school to learn how to make beautiful cakes and confectionery. Oh and all of the teachers are insanely hot and are clearly all interested in the protagonist. It isn’t particularly interesting but it’s very aesthetically pleasing to watch.

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celestial methodCelestial Method
There was nothing particularly special about this show in regards to the story but I enjoyed it all the same. The story revolves around a group of kids and some ~mysterious~ little girl, it’s a fairly generic slice of life story but the characters and the way they interact makes it feel so much more different from any other show. With most slice of life shows like this I would usually find myself bored or frustrated with the characters for making easily fixed problems into some massive drama that spans 5 episodes, but with Celestial Method everything is resolved in a positive manner and at a good pace which left me actually excited to see the following episode just to find out if everything turned out well for these lovely characters. It’s such a feel good show that’s perfect for picking you up when you’re feeling a bit gloomy.

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Denki-Gai no Honya-san

One thing I’ve grown tired of is all slice of life and comedy shows being about high school kids doing high school things, sure it was cool when I was in high school because I could relate to a lot of what was going on, but now as an adult I’ve been craving something that shows adults doing mundane adult things and Denki-Gai is just that but it’s fucking hilarious. There’s not much I can really say about it other than it’s an excellent comedy with a good dose of clever humour, old fashioned anime style slapstick and awkward sexual tensions between everyone. Sort of like Friends only funny and not shit.

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Girl friend BETA

Help. I don’t know what is even happening in this show and yet I’ve somehow watched 9 episodes.

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Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Some little girl called Kohina summons a kitsune spirit called Kokkuri and then a bunch of other spirits turn up and they live in chaos in a shared house. There’s nothing particularly special about the concept but the humour has had me cracking up with laughter during every single episodes. I’d recommend it if you’re ever wanting to just watch something really easy going and fun.

I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

5 minute long episodes about a husband and wife who are hilariously mismatched but oh so perfect together. Heartwarming comedy that’s worth watching considering each episode is so short.

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Orenchi no Furo Jijou

There’s a Merman, an Octoman and a Jellyfish-man all living in some dude’s bathtub and all of this is totally normal and such. This is my guilty pleasure show that I really didn’t think I’d enjoy but the comedy is so light hearted and innocent that is just made my afternoons pleasant. On the other hand though I would always get stressed out by the fact that the entire show is set in a bathroom and I can’t cope with that sort of claustrophobic setting (It’s the same reason why I struggle to watch Red Dwarf!). Overall it’s a good show but you’re hardly missing out if you don’t watch it.

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main_kv01Parasyte -the maxim-

If there is one show you’re going to watch this season, hell, this year, then watch Parasyte -the maxim-. It is the best show I have seen in such a long time and even the popular shiter shows like Attack on Titan just don’t compare to this.

Based on the 1989 Manga Parasyte by Hitoshi Iwaaki, the show is a psychological science-fiction horror story about some pretty nasty parasytes that fall from the skies and take over the human brain and use them as a host. Once inside their human host they can shift parts of the body into anything they want from simply changing the host’s identity to creating steel blades from the flesh to use as weapons. Our protagonist Shinichi Izumi was lucky though, the parasyte that targeted him was unable to secure a place in his brain and instead took over his right hand and with that a eh… beautiful? friendship began.

I’d say more but the best part of this show is the tension with each episode and I would hate to spoil anything. JUST STOP READING AND GO WATCH IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW OR YOU’RE A SHIT!

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If you’ve ever thought about how cool it would be to work in an animation studio and make your super cool vampire bishie story into a real anime then watch this show and get a dose of reality. Shirobako is the tale of some girls from an after school animation club from High School who are now all grown up and making a career out of their childhood hobby. The show focuses on how incredibly hard it is working within this industry but with a bit of comedy thrown in so that you don’t throw yourself into a deep depression when you realise how impossible it is to truly live while being an animator. I think the weirdest part about this show is that it has been encouraging me to work on my Manga a lot in the hopes of them one day being animated (preferably by outsourcing to a studio and not done myself, ugh) so the whole show isn’t completely soul crushing – it’s just a good reminder that you have to put in a lot more hard work to really achieve your goals, especially within a more creative career.

It’s a brilliant show with an interesting cast and storyline, but I’m wondering how they’re going to push this show up to 24 episodes. It’s only at Episode 10 right now and I would have thought it would only be a 13 episode season given that most of the story seems to be wrapped up already. Oh well, it should be interesting to see what they do next.

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And the award for the biggest disappointment this season goes to…. TERRAFORMARS! Somehow everyone is still circlejerking over it though and I really have no idea why. The whole concept of this show is fantastic, mutant cockroaches on Mars that a bunch of dudes have to go and fight and to do so they transform themselves into mutant animal hybrid things via the use of specially developed drugs, it sounds so fucking cool doesn’t it? Nope, nope, nope, nope. The entire show is so horribly paced, the characters are insufferable and I really couldn’t give a single fuck that pretty much all of them are dead, I just wish the rest would all hurry up and die and then the Cockroaches can chill out and smoke a blunt and be like “wow fuck those humans are annoying”. I really don’t blame the cockroach men being pissed off with the humans, they are annoying pests invading their home and smashing their faces in and capturing them alive to experiment on them. FUCK THAT.

Seriously though this show has just been agonising to watch and I am so excited for the final episode to air next week just so I can pretend it all never happened and I can go on to watch some decent sci-fi instead.

I was so stoked for this show and it broke my heart. Damn you LIDENFILMS!

I just realised I hadn’t even mentioned the bullshit censorship at the beginning or the really cheap 3DCG. I don’t think I have it in me to keep ranting about this, I feel annoyed!

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Grisaia no Kajitsu

I have no real problem with ecchi but I’m pretty sure this show has more underwear shots than Chu-bra!! ever did. Got bored after episode 5 and dropped it. Nothing was happening, everything was boring.

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Creepy dude goes to some magical school and there’s loads of ~cute~ girls there and everyone and everything is gross.

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When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace

I did enjoy this show to some extent but considering a show that relied heavily on dialogue – it just wasn’t particularly interesting. I dropped it at episode 4 and I get the feeling I’ve missed out on an amazing show, but it just didn’t capture my attention enough for me to keep watching it.

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wolf girlWolf Girl and Black Prince

I fell in love with this show as quickly as Erika fell in love with Sata. The show is about some ridiculous high school girl named Erika who is so desperate to make friends that she lies to two shallow girls about having a boyfriend in an attempt to look cool, problem is though that the guy she pretends is her boyfriend turns out to be a popular guy named Sata who also attends her school. Erika confesses to Sata that she had used a photo of him to pretend he was her boyfriend and in order to keep the lie going Sata is happily to play along… but at a cost.

Sata is pretty much a sociopath, but he’s a pretty sociopath and some of us ladies seem to love that for reasons I still don’t understand. I think I was captivated by this show so easily because I can easily put myself in Erika’s position and I’m currently in a relationship that is very similar to hers and Sata’s, the only difference being that the Sata in my life probably doesn’t really have a deep down love for me that he’s just struggling to be open about. *sigh*

A lot of the show reminds me of Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo which was one of my most favourite Manga, Anime and TV series. So if you’re already a fan of that series or just enjoy that kind of romantic comedy then it’s worth checking Wolf Girl and Black Prince out.

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Yona of the Dawn

Pretty generic fantasy story about a young Princess named Yona who has to flee her kingdom because her childhood friend and cousin Soo-won murders her Father, The King and takes the throne for himself. Yona sets off on a quest with another childhood friend Hak and together they wander across the lands rallying up some support and developing a JRPG-esque party so that they can return and take back what is rightfully hers and get revenge for her father’s death.

I really enjoy it though. I haven’t seen an anime like this since Escaflowne and it’s lovely just being able to watch a straight forward show with some clear good guys and bad guys all doing their usual things.

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Your Lie in April

I’m not entirely sure what to say about this show it’s certainly one of my favourites this season and potentially this year, but I can’t really explain why. I’m not particularly fond of the characters but I’m finding their development fascinating and I’m intrigued by what is going to happen next for them all. The story revolves around a few friends in school, the protagonist Arima is a child prodigy pianist, but as a result of his dying mother’s physical and emotional abuse he quit playing. Along comes a beautiful violinist called Kaori who wants to push Arima back into playing the Piano through some pretty nasty manipulation, which I still can’t figure out if we’re supposed to be supporting or not. To me personally I find Kaori a horrible character that will lead to Arima having some sort of life ruining emotional breakdown but judging by the overall theme of the show I guess her pushy and abusive tactics will just result in a happy ending and everything is wonderful or some shit. I understand that the show is supposed to be encouraging and story is to face your fear and achieve whatever it is you truly want. An inspiring story with some questionable methods used. Oh well, at least the music in the show is fabulous, even the intro by Goose House is wonderful.

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okbye See you for the Winter 2014/2015 post.

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