Anime: Summer Season 2014

I guess it’s time to reveal that I am  secretly a massive fucking weeaboo *gasp*. I’ve been watching a few shows this season on Crunchyroll as I don’t really know anywhere else that legally streams them and I’m too lazy to torrent them these days, I prefer the convenience of having them stream straight onto my TV via my X-Box and such. So yeah, I’ve only watched a handful of shows and as I am incredibly bored right now here’s my brief and uninformative opinions of those few.

Akame ga KillAkame ga Kill

Generic looking anime about a bunch of brightly coloured haired assassins trying to take down some bad evil government in a fictional fantasy world. For a show with so many young and obnoxious characters; they’re not all insufferable, they balance each other out and call each other out on their horrific personality flaws, which actually results in me being interested in how they develop and grow over time.

There’s a lot of dark moments within this show that should be focused on a lot more, but then out of nowhere there’s some really naff comedy with animu sweatdrops and Leone jiggling her tits a lot. Mega disappointing because this show could have been grim as fvck if it was just about the terrifying corruption within a governmental system, but oh well ANIME BOOBS HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m still gonna keep watching it but it’s not the best show this season and it’s kind of a waste of time, but I just like to punish myself with this sort of shit I suppose. Fingers crossed it develops into something worth watching.

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Mechs? Space? War? Aliens from Mars? AW HELL YES THIS SOUNDS AWESOME

Oh, wait, no, this is the most boring piece of shit I have ever seen in my life and I am not entirely sure why I am still watching it and why I am determined to finish watching it. It’s only up to Episode 8 out of 24, so I suppose there’s still plenty of time for the story and characters to develop, but I can’t help but find myself wishing I was doing anything other than watching this show. It’s 24 minutes of nothing actually happening or making any sense. Oh well, at least the opening theme song by Kalafina is pretty sweet.

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DRAMAtical Murder


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Free! Eternal Summer

I really enjoyed the first season of Free! and I was mega stoked for a second season but it turns out season 2 is basically just the first one but they threw in a new tsundere guy to replace Rin as Rin is all buddy buddy with the guys again now and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita.

I’m a sucker for generic moeblob anime and Locodol is exactly the kind of easy to watch shit I love. It’s a story about three young high school girls who are “Local Idols” for their not very special little town called Nagarekawa. They prance about and act cute and try to promote Nagarekawa at various events. It’s really boring but cute and I can’t help but love it. Kill me now.

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - OP - Large 06

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

If you’re not watching this and enjoying it then you have shit taste in comedies. Yeah yeah yeah it’s a Romantic Comedy but the best part is that the whole idea is to mock shoujo and romance tropes within anime and manga, which I guess would make fuck all sense to you if you’re not a big fan of anime in the first place. Oh and it also has a really good opening theme song too. Personally I think it is the best anime this season and waiting for each episode is absolutely agonising.

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It’s not bad, it’s not good, I have no idea what is really happening in it other than a bunch of teenagers all have crushes on each other also some girl keeps having crazy visions of the future that have yet to be explained. Yawnfest. The art style is gorgeous though.

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Some blonde haired blue eyed American bird transfers to a Japanese school and she’s a massive weeaboo who is terrifyingly obsessed with Yosakoi and as a result forces other cute girls to form an afterschool club with her. The characters are obnoxious as fuck and the story is not really going anywhere but damn is it cute, like I seriously can’t cope with how overwhelmingly cute it all is.

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Majimoji Rurumo


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Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?

Harem comedy that is a bit of a modern take on Tenchi, not really much else to say. It takes a while to really get into it but overall it’s turned out to be a fun show.

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This was by far the biggest surprise this season. Based on a shoujo by the same name, I was expecting some really naff  “haha cute girls doing wacky stuff” kind of shit that would be nothing but fanservice for creepy gun loving otakus. The story revolves around a young girl who joins an afterschool Survival Game club and despite the ridiculous concept – it’s such a perfect setting for this satire. I really don’t know how to describe it other than being rude, crude and fucking hilarious. If you’re going to watch anything this season then it has to be this show.

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Anime is awful. What am I doing with my life.

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