Listen to: 11PARANOIAS

 399176_413544438661764_498915072_nI miss Ramesses, I really really fucking miss Ramesses. Oh, what’s this? A band with members from Ramesses are playing at Desertfest, might as well check them out.



This is exactly what I wanted to hear – soul crushing Doom Metal that paralysed my entire body from the second they started to play. The vibrations strangled me, I was struggling to breath and as a result I had to fuck off towards the end of the set because it was sending me and a few friends white.

We sat down on the couch uttering nothing but “fuccckkkk” over and over again. That’s 11PARANOIAS in a nutshell.

Look, I’m shit at reviews, I’m also really shit at describing music but I just wanted to ramble on about these guys because they are fucking perfection and deserve a lot more attention. Now stop reading this nonsense and follow these links.


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